Ortho Florida: Preserving Your Independence

Ortho Florida: Preserving Your Independence, Fostering Collaboration, and Nurturing Growth


As a dedicated medical practitioner, you’ve invested countless hours, energy, and resources into building your practice. You’ve put your heart and soul into your work, establishing a reputation and a bond with your patients. The question that may naturally arise is, “Why would you consider joining Ortho Florida?” The answer lies in the unique model that Ortho Florida offers—a model that allows you to retain the fruits of your labor, preserve your autonomy, and access a world of opportunities for growth and collaboration without altering the essence of your practice.

Ortho Florida makes sense for established practices. As an assembly of existing practices, the group not only safeguards your independence but also encourages partnerships, sharing of resources, and embarking on larger projects while providing the necessary compliance, expertise, and legal support.