Benefits of Joining

The Ortho Florida practice model is unique. While it allows providers to remain independent, it allows provides the benefits of a large group structure. Ortho Florida’s structure and size allows us to negotiate on the behalf of a single large group, securing better reimbursement, In addition, providers will benefit from increased reimbursement and lower costs on expense items in a practice.

Below is a list of some benefits for Ortho Florida Care Centers:

  • Different from other practice models
    • Ortho Florida is physician owned. We are not backed by private equity and value our independence.
  • Preserve private practice and maximal independence
    • You became a doctor because you love to practice medicine. The Ortho Florida structure allows you to do that under your own terms.
  • Maintain benefits of a small group while offering benefits of a larger group
  • Relatively low expenses which are offset by savings and enhanced revenues
    • The group structure allows for economies of scale and buying power.
  • Common employee benefits
    • Access to group health insurance, vision and dental insurance. There is a 401K you may participate in and other supplemental polices.
  • Administrative Support If You Need It
    • Billing and coding services: Managing claims and reimbursements.
    • Virtual Management Services
    • Bookkeeping & Quick Books Support
  • Common compliance program
    • Many smaller practices cannot afford to hire a compliance officer and therefore, they must try to maneuver the ever-changing healthcare environment on their own. With Ortho Florida, common compliance means valuable oversight.
    • Regulatory compliance guidance: Ensuring adherence to healthcare regulations.
    • Quality improvement initiatives: Implementing measures to enhance patient care quality.
  • Shared governance
  • Assistance in navigating complex regulatory and reimbursement challenges
    • Ortho Florida has a team of professionals that ensure regulatory requirements are being met. In addition, we have coders, billers and revenue integrity specialists looking out for our best interests.
  • Guidance during financial crises (i.e.COVID)
    • The COVID pandemic challenged all medical practices especially if you were a smaller practice during that time. Our group moved mountains to ensure our practices could meet the new norm during COVID and continue to see patients that needed medical treatment.
  • Collaboration with other practices
    • While you remain independent with Ortho Florida, you still have the opportunity to collaborate with other practices on group projects or even asking a peer for input on an issue.
  • Option to leave if not happy
    • Unlike large group structures, Ortho Florida will not hold you captive if you find the model is not working for you. Again, we value independence and our exit strategy is proof of that.
  • Time tested model with flexibility for the future
    • Ortho Florida has been in business for over 15 years. We have a proven track record of success.
  • Fee for service contract negotiations
    • Trying to negotiate contracts as an independent physician is very time consuming and many times not productive in results. With Ortho Florida, you are negotiating as a group and therefore, have a voice with insurance payers.
  • Bundle Program support
    • Thinking of doing insurance bundles? We can help. We have experience in bundled payment programs.
  • MIPs measures
    • MIPS can be a huge lift for a private practice. In the Ortho Florida group structure, MIPS quality reporting help is part of our service offerings.
  • Coding oversight
    • Medical coding requirements change frequently and it can be difficult for practices to keep up. Ortho Florida’s coding oversight helps to identify any opportunities for improvement.
  • Audit review, Level 2 Claims Denial and legal representation
    • If you have ever gone through a medical audit, you know the stress it can have on a provider and a medical practice. Ortho Florida’s audit program gives providers the assistance they need to ensure they meet the requirements.
  • New product and service vetting for compliance and risk
    • New products and services are developed everyday. However, not all of these may meet payer specifications and therefore, can expose a providers to risk. Ortho Florida provides new product and service vetting to protect provider interests.
  • Benchmarking P&L
    • Being part of a larger group allows providers to benchmark how well they are doing against their peers.
  • Volume Discounted Expenses
    • Ortho Florida offers group pricing on the following items:
      • Malpractice insurance
      • Supplies and consumables
      • EMR licenses
      • Medical/ Surgical Supplies and consumables
      • Laboratory
      • Pharmaceutical
      • Specialty Products
      • Capital Equipment
      • Office Supplies


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