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As the umbrella group for the state, Ortho Florida offers support for small and mid-sized orthopedic groups who feel isolated in an everchanging and sometimes hostile world of federal regulations, insurance companies and hospital systems. Members of Ortho Florida benefit from having the structure of a large federally recognized group while still maintaining control and autonomy at a care center level. The structure of the group provides opportunities for many ancillary service lines that small and mid- sized groups otherwise cannot participate in. By combining our resources Ortho Florida is able to leverage our combined volume for group purchasing programs on supplies, services, equipment, and insurance policies.


As a supporting member of Florida Orthopedic Society (including multiple board members) we use our influence to lobby local, county, state and federal legislators who are supportive of the orthopedic community.

If you are a small or mid-sized group, or a provider looking to start a new practice, Ortho Florida can offer support, guidance and resources to alleviate the obstacles in our industry.


Dane has been in healthcare administration for 20 years, owning his own management and marketing company, working for healthcare organizations such as Hospital Corporation of America, Iasis Healthcare and currently in his 6th year with Ortho Florida LLC. During Dane’s tenure with Ortho Florida, the group has tripled in size, expanded to cover the entire state of Florida and established itself as the largest umbrella group in the state. With the continued support of the members of Ortho Florida, Dane has been able to integrate new service lines in the existing care centers, thus improving care and coordination at a local level and increasing the revenue of the member care centers. With the continued growth Ortho Florida will be the leader of Orthopedic services in the
state of Florida. 

Dane C. Trask, CEO Ortho Florida


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