Established Practices

If you have an established orthopedic practice and are considering making a change, look no further than Ortho Florida. Ortho Florida allows providers to keep what they have built while also providing protections and cost savings in an ever-changing healthcare environment.

As a provider you have done the work to make a name for yourself in the community. In addition, you understand the benefits to being in private practice. As a private practice and a business owner you do control your earning power and enjoy making decisions. These benefits are the reasons practices want to remain independent. Many times, in joining a larger entity, you lose control of decision making power and many times lose control of the practice as a whole.

Preserve Your Independence

The Benefits of Private Practice

Medical private practice offers several benefits for healthcare providers, which can vary depending on individual circumstances and the specific structure of the practice. Here are some of the common benefits:

  1. Autonomy and Control: Physicians and other healthcare professionals have greater control over the decisions and operations of their practice. They can set their own schedules, choose the services they offer, and make decisions regarding patient care and office policies.
  2. Financial Independence: Private practitioners have the potential to earn more income compared to salaried positions.
  3. Flexibility: Private practice allows for flexibility in terms of work hours, patient load, and practice size. Practitioners can tailor their practice to their preferred work-life balance.
  4. Patient Relationships: Private practitioners often have the opportunity to build strong, long-term relationships with their patients, which can be personally fulfilling and contribute to better patient care.
  5. Practice Specialization: Private practitioners can choose to focus on specific medical specialties or niche areas of healthcare that align with their interests and expertise.
  6. Branding and Reputation: They can establish their own brand and reputation in the community, which can lead to increased patient trust and loyalty.
  7. Financial Rewards: Successful private practices can be financially rewarding over time, with the potential for growth and increased revenue as the practice expands.
  8. Personalized Care: Physicians in private practice often have more time to spend with each patient, allowing for more personalized care and attention.
  9. Control Over Staffing: Private practitioners can hire and manage their own staff, ensuring that their team aligns with their practice’s goals and values.
  10. Innovation and Technology: Private practices can invest in advanced medical equipment and technology, allowing for the implementation of the latest medical advancements and treatment modalities.

However, it’s important to note that private practice also comes with challenges, including the responsibility of managing the business side of the practice, dealing with insurance billing, and handling administrative tasks. When providers join Ortho Florida, they still retain all of the benefits listed above and now have assistance to handle the challenges of being in a private practice.

Your journey as a private practice medical physician has undoubtedly been characterized by autonomy, individuality, and the pursuit of excellence in patient care. However, there comes a time when exploring new horizons can be a game-changing decision for both you and your practice. Joining an umbrella group like Ortho Florida offers a compelling opportunity to enhance your private practice in numerous ways. Here’s a persuasive argument for why you should consider making this transition:

1. Amplify Your Resources and Efficiency: In a private practice, you often shoulder the full administrative burden, from billing to HR management. By joining Ortho Florida, you can tap into shared resources that can significantly boost the efficiency of your practice. This means reduced overhead costs, streamlined operations, and more time to focus on what matters most: patient care.

2. Strengthen Your Market Position: The healthcare landscape is becoming increasingly competitive. By affiliating with Ortho Florida, you gain access to the collective strength of a larger entity. This can bolster your market position, enhance your practice’s visibility, and attract a broader patient base.

3. Financial Security and Stability: Private practices often face financial uncertainties due to reimbursement challenges. Joining Ortho Florida can provide a more stable financial footing. Shared costs and a larger network can help insulate your practice from economic fluctuations, giving you peace of mind.

4. Maintain Autonomy While Reducing Administrative Burden: Joining an umbrella group does not mean relinquishing control. You can maintain your medical autonomy and decision-making authority while offloading administrative tasks to the group’s shared services. This balance allows you to practice medicine without the constant administrative pressures.

5. Collaboration and Learning Opportunities: In an umbrella group, you’re part of a community of healthcare professionals. Collaboration with colleagues can lead to a wealth of learning opportunities, professional growth, and knowledge sharing. You’ll have the chance to collaborate with specialists and benefit from their expertise.

6. Quality Enhancement and Patient Satisfaction: By joining an umbrella group, you become part of a collective effort to continually improve the quality of care. This focus on quality assurance and patient satisfaction can lead to better outcomes and a more fulfilling patient-doctor relationship.

8. Negotiating Power: The collective strength of an umbrella group can give you better negotiating power with insurance providers, suppliers, and other entities. This translates to better reimbursement rates and more favorable terms for your practice.

Joining Ortho Florida can be a transformative move that not only elevates your private practice but also enhances your professional and personal well-being. The benefits range from improved efficiency and financial stability to the opportunity for collaboration and learning.

As you consider the future of your private practice, we encourage you to explore the compelling advantages that come with joining Ortho Florida. It’s a strategic decision that can take your practice to new heights and ensure a flourishing and rewarding medical career.

Providers often ask what a switch to Ortho Florida may look like and that is a great question. In regards to your patients, they will not see a change. They will arrive to the same practice location, speak to your same staff and you will chart their visit in the same EMR that you have been using.

There are a few changes that an established practice must do in order to join Ortho Florida. However, these changes are minimal compared to other group structures and employment models. Again, the culture of Ortho Florida is to remain independent but within a group structure. If you would like to hear more about these requirements, please contact us for additional details.

Preserve Your Legacy

Find out how to maintain your independence with Ortho Florida.

Unity and Collaboration: The Power of Joining Ortho Florida

One of the significant advantages of joining Ortho Florida is the opportunities for collaboration and partnership with other member practices. Ortho Florida’s unique structure allows for instant recognition as a physician-owned medical practice under one tax ID and one NPI (National Provider Identifier). This federal recognition means that when you join Ortho Florida, you become part of a larger, interconnected entity. The implications of this are profound.

By being part of Ortho Florida, you gain the ability to work collectively with other practices within the group. The barriers that often inhibit independent practices from working closely together are effectively eliminated. If you have friendly peers nearby and wish to embark on a large project, Ortho Florida not only supports such initiatives but also provides essential compliance, expertise, and legal support. You don’t have to face these significant undertakings alone; you can tackle big projects with other care centers within the group. Furthermore, the collective size of Ortho Florida ensures that you have access to expert education and knowledge to support your endeavors.

Foster Growth

Find out how Ortho Florida fosters growth and internal partnerships.

The Future of Independent Practice

Ortho Florida, as a unique alliance of independent practices, represents the future of healthcare collaboration. By becoming a part of Ortho Florida, you not only preserve your hard-earned legacy but also gain access to a vast network of support, expertise, and opportunities for growth. The strength of unity and the power of collaboration are harnessed to shape the future of independent practice.

Joining Ortho Florida means joining a community that values and preserves your independence while providing the resources and support necessary for you to thrive. The unique model eliminates the barriers that often hinder collaboration between independent practices and opens doors to new horizons in patient care and practice development. In Ortho Florida, you don’t have to choose between independence and the benefits of a larger group. You can have it all.

If you are a medical provider who values your independence and wishes to continue building your practice while enjoying the support and structure of a larger group, Ortho Florida is the ideal place for you. It bridges the gap between independent medicine and the advantages of being part of a larger healthcare organization.

Ortho Florida’s approach empowers orthopedic professionals to make clinical decisions without external pressures, ensuring that patient care remains the top priority. The collaborative environment within the group also encourages knowledge sharing, professional growth, and the ability to refer patients to specialists within the organization, providing comprehensive and holistic care.