Hand and Upper Extremity

The Hand & Upper Extremity subspecialty plays a vital role in the broader field of orthopedics, addressing complex conditions that significantly impact patients’ daily lives. At OrthoFlorida, we deeply understand the critical nature of this subspecialty and its essential role in delivering exceptional patient care. Our commitment is to support practices specializing in Hand & Upper Extremity orthopedics, ensuring they have the resources and expertise needed to excel.

Support and Benefits

As an orthopedic umbrella group, OrthoFlorida provides comprehensive support to practices focused on Hand & Upper Extremity care. We offer a robust network of resources to help these practices thrive and grow. OrthoFlorida is dedicated to fostering excellence in this subspecialty, from cutting-edge medical technologies to specialized training programs.

Partnership and Community

At OrthoFlorida, we foster a collaborative environment where Hand & Upper Extremity specialists can connect with peers across various orthopedic subspecialties. This unique approach encourages knowledge sharing and innovation, ensuring that all members benefit from the collective expertise within the network. Join us and be part of a community that enhances professional development and improves patient outcomes through shared best practices.

Benefits of Joining OrthoFlorida:

Practices joining OrthoFlorida can expect numerous advantages, including:

  • Preservation of Practice Independence: Maintain your autonomy while benefiting from the support of a larger organization.
  • Superior Insurance Rates and Enhanced Purchasing Power: Leverage our collective bargaining power to secure better insurance rates and cost-effective purchasing options.
  • Shared Resources for Administrative and Compliance Tasks: Access shared administrative resources, reducing the burden of compliance and regulatory requirements.
  • Enhanced Financial Stability: Benefit from financial support and stability through our established network.
  • Strategic Growth and Development Opportunities: Explore professional and practice growth opportunities within a supportive environment.

Unique Advantages

OrthoFlorida offers unique benefits explicitly tailored for practices specializing in Hand & Upper Extremity orthopedics. By joining us, you can expect:

  • Financial and Operational Efficiencies: Improve your practice’s efficiency with our streamlined operations and financial management support.
  • Improved Patient Care: Enhance patient outcomes through access to the latest medical advancements and collaborative care models.
  • Enhanced Revenue Streams: Increase revenue through optimized billing processes and participation in value-based care initiatives.
  • Administrative and Compliance Support: Receive comprehensive support for administrative tasks and compliance requirements, allowing you to focus on patient care.
  • Access to Bundled Payment Programs and MIPS Measures: To get better reimbursement rates, participate in bundled payment programs and maximize your performance in MIPS measures.
  • Coding and Regulatory Assistance: Benefit from expert assistance in coding and regulatory compliance, ensuring accuracy and adherence to industry standards.
  • Volume Discount Programs: Take advantage of volume discount programs for medical supplies and services, reducing operational costs.


1. What specific support does OrthoFlorida provide for Hand & Upper Extremity practices?

OrthoFlorida offers comprehensive support, including access to advanced medical technologies, specialized training programs, administrative resources, and compliance assistance. This ensures that Hand & Upper Extremity practices can focus on delivering exceptional patient care with the confidence that we handle the operational complexities.

2. How does OrthoFlorida help practices maintain their independence?

OrthoFlorida allows practices to retain their autonomy while benefiting from a larger organization’s collective resources and support. Practices can continue to operate independently but with the added advantage of financial stability, enhanced purchasing power, and access to a vast network of professional expertise.

3. What continuing education opportunities are available for Hand & Upper Extremity specialists at OrthoFlorida?

We offer extensive continuing education opportunities, including workshops, seminars, and access to the latest research in orthopedic advancements. These programs are tailored specifically for Hand & Upper Extremity specialists, ensuring they stay at the forefront of medical knowledge and advancements.

4. What are the financial benefits of joining OrthoFlorida?

Practices benefit from enhanced financial stability through superior insurance rates, optimized billing processes, volume discount programs, and participation in bundled payment programs. This leads to increased revenue streams and operational efficiencies.

5. How does OrthoFlorida support improved patient care?

By providing access to the latest medical advancements, fostering a collaborative environment for knowledge sharing, and offering comprehensive training programs, OrthoFlorida ensures that Hand & Upper Extremity practices can deliver the highest quality of patient care.

Join OrthoFlorida Today

Joining OrthoFlorida allows Hand and upper Extremity practices to maintain their independence while benefiting from a larger organization’s collective strength and resources. We invite you to join OrthoFlorida, where you can thrive in a supportive environment dedicated to advancing orthopedic care. Embrace the chance to enhance your practice and provide exceptional patient care with OrthoFlorida by your side.