Ortho Florida: The Perfect Launchpad for New Practices

Starting a new medical practice is a significant step in a physician’s career. Whether you’re fresh out of residency, leaving an existing group, or transitioning from employment to entrepreneurship, the journey can be challenging and overwhelming. In such a scenario, Ortho Florida emerges as the ideal partner to support and guide you on your path to establishing a new practice. Ortho Florida’s robust support structure can empower you to build a successful practice from the ground up, with fair reimbursement, contract negotiations, credentialing, best practices, office structure, staffing elements, supplies and contracted services.

Benefits of Joining

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The Challenge of Going It Alone

One of the most formidable challenges when starting a new practice, especially as an independent physician, is obtaining fair reimbursement from insurance companies. Going out on your own means that your leverage in negotiations with these insurance providers is minimal. It’s a daunting task, and many physicians may feel overwhelmed by the complexity of the process.

Ortho Florida recognizes these challenges and offers a comprehensive solution. By becoming a part of Ortho Florida, you do not have to burden yourself with contract negotiations and credentialing. Ortho Florida boasts state-wide group contracts, which provide the infrastructure for new providers to be added quickly and efficiently. This means that the burden of navigating the intricate world of contract negotiations and credentialing is taken off your shoulders, allowing you to concentrate your time and energy on other specific requirements of your practice.

The Power of Ortho Florida’s Support Structure

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Ortho Florida: A Landing Pad for Transitioning Physicians

Ortho Florida proudly serves as a “landing pad” for physicians who are transitioning from employment models to independent practice. This transition is a significant step, and many hospital systems partner with Ortho Florida to facilitate the process for physicians leaving the employment structure.

One of the most significant benefits for employed physicians transitioning to independence through Ortho Florida is the ability to quickly and easily secure contracts. Hospital systems recognize the advantages of working with Ortho Florida in facilitating the transition for their physicians. This seamless transition can make the process less daunting and more efficient.

Payer Contract Negotiations

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